Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete is one of the most popular flooring types today. And with good reason, too. Stained concrete resists damage from weather, keeps the original color for longer, and is attractive in many applications. So why would you even consider doing it yourself?

The best thing about stained concrete is that it looks great with just about any wallpaper, paint, or other finishing methods. Because the color is penetrated deeply into the concrete, the color doesn’t fade, chip or peel, as you may see in the picture above. Properly applied stain also won’t fade its natural color, only change slightly darker gray. When properly applied to clean and prepped concrete floors, the stain deepens below the surface, giving the floors extremely durable and long lasting rich color which requires little maintenance to remain like new.

You’ll notice that stained concrete floors come in a wide variety of colors from sky blue through to rich, deep burgundy. These colors will create a dramatic difference in your room, but they’re so vibrant that they really pop. For instance, let’s say you want to make a bold, bright, and contrasting statement in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Stained Concrete (also sometimes referred to as Stained Pavers) have the perfect answer for this style. With deep colors ranging from hot pink to vivid oranges, they’ll add just the right touch to make your space pop.

Stained Concrete is also excellent in high traffic areas like front entrances and hallways, where spills and dirt can easily damage a more delicate flooring. Because acid-based chemical stains don’t require applying with a pad or concrete brush, you can avoid this. Acid-based stains resist dirt and grease, and they can stand up to heavy foot traffic as well as years of repeated use. Because acid-based stains are odorless, they’re great at concealing unpleasant odors. Acid based chemical stains are also safe for use on PVC foam and polyurethane grout, making them perfect for pre-fabricated interior and exterior walls.

One drawback of Stained Concrete is that they can take many months or even years to dry. This means that homeowners may be required to apply another coating of stain after a few years of constant use. In addition, the process of staining a concrete floor with a color requires an extremely trained and skilled professional. For this reason, Stained Concrete remains a better choice for interior and exterior home applications, but is impractical for most applications where an opaque surface is desired, such as garages and walkways.

Today, there are dozens of new, innovative products on the market which can significantly speed up the process of Stained Concrete application. These products include stencils, stencil tape, and colored stains. They can even create custom stencil designs for your Stained Concrete projects, allowing you to match a particular style and color to suit your individual tastes and preferences. Some of the latest in design ideas for Stained Concrete include textured stains that add an organic dimension to the design. Whether you’re seeking concrete stain that’s easy to apply, requires minimal staining, and dries quickly, or requires unique color design ideas, there are options available to meet your needs.

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